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Evolution of

Venice: The Series

Venice: The Series was born out of Crystal Chappell's popular character on the longest running daytime soap opera in US history, Guiding Light.  Olivia Spencer was a heterosexual business woman and mother who realized love is not confined to traditional paths.  Chappell and co-star, Jessica Leccia sparked a passionate fan and media attention when their storyline, nicknamed "Otalia", became one of the "it" romances.

Chappell was overwhelmed by letters and emails from people around the world who reached out to share their own stories and journeys. "The fans are what inspired this concept.  There have been such great people who have come into my life because of this experience.  The fans have shared their stories with me honestly and openly.  I want to keep telling their story.  That is why we are doing this.  That is why this is so important." - Crystal Chappell

Venice: The Series Storyline

Venice: The Series centers on the life of Gina Brogno; a single, gay, successful interior designer who's living, loving and working in Venice Beach, California.

This series tells a diverse story through her family, friends and professional life.  Gina is a strong, confident and complex woman who navigates her relations with people through an intense, yet thoughtful prism.

Venice follows her experiences with her ex love, Ani.  Her brother, Owen. Her father, "The Colonel" and myraid other characters that make up Gina's network of relationships.  The storyline offers the best of traditional soap romance, love stories, tragic happenings and hairpin turns.

Venice: The Series is done in a new, savvy and edgy format with unique character development, diversity of character and tantalizing plot portrayal.

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