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Venice Season 6!

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

Friday, December 14, 2018


How can I thank you?  There aren't enough words!!  This was no small feat!   I and the rest of the V-Team are truly appreciative!

With this amount, we will be able to create a number of possibilities.  We can get 6 or so episodes completed OR get our 10 episodes produced but not finished....OR I can create a shorter season as a whole.   Either way, we aim to have some amazing Venice to share with You!  And I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoy fulfilling these perks!  I recently had someone ask me if I minded all the traveling.  Heck no!  Its truly a pleasure hanging out with such awesome people.   I relish the experience of contributing to someone else's life in a positive way as well as my own and these adventures do just that!

Ill keep you informed of the pre-production process as I go along.  Who doesn't love hearing about my software glitches. LOL  I hope to shoot the Bulk of the season in two building (homes) locations in New Jersey with some exteriors in Peapack, NJ and NYC.   I've LOVED reading the episodes so far.   Its Venice the Series but with a really Fresh Twist.   There's love.  Mystery.  Funny shit.  Sexy time.  And your good old fashion villians....  I'm beyond thrilled to be working with some of my Guiding Light colleagues and friends.  And I just want to say how excited and willing they are to, not only share their talent in this season, but to Perk their little tushies off!  Pick a Perk to talk to them!  A signed picture.  Any and all donations help and are greatly appreciated!  We hope to get as close to $175K as possible and we don't shoot until mid May so we are in great shape!

On the home front, we are one signature away from our final map (this is the latest I've heard but this has been endless!) LOL I've learned so much about Real Estate development that I never wanted to know but glad I do now.....It's full of excitement...and stress.  Lots of stress during times like this, eh?  And on top of that, Its the Holidays. A loving family dog that's nearing her end.  An older son that has called me at least 6 times in his life to tell me something has happened to a car.    I've learned to love the downtime of the Holiday.  Its a forced vacation which some of us need...ahem.   I have learned how to manage my stress ( most of the time).   Mediation is key.  There's the very real truth that This too shall pass.   The events that are causing the stress will pass.  Buckle up and enjoy the ride.  It'll be OK!  Having your health is Everything.  Love those who love you.  Did I say it will be ok?  It WILL.  If you don't meditate, find 20 minutes to tune out.  Shut down electronics.  Turn off the lights.   Close your eyes.  And Breathe.   

Ill keep it short today.   Im off to mail fun things I've discovered while cleaning out my shed.....Its amazing what's in a shed.  Just sayin'.  Guiding Light merch, Grove scripts, Old Venice props etc.   A few spiders...I wont mail those.  Enjoy this beautiful day.  





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4 comentarios

Irene Trypas
Irene Trypas
26 dic 2021

You are just sensational Crystal, your like the maestro, without you there is know show. When you come to an obstacle you learn to tackle it and overcome whatever it is.

I wish you every success in 2022 and looking forward to more Venice Series to come and new productions for us all to look forward to. Happy New Year and good health!!

Me gusta

Crystal, what you have accomplished with Venice is remarkable! You have done something not many people can do. You created three-dimensional and real characters who are flawed, funny, and fun. You have been able to weave great stories that engage the audience even as situations and characters evolve. The locales are beautiful and the production value of the episodes is considerable. Every season and each episode offer great storytelling, beautiful scenery, and as you said, “love, mystery, funny shit, and sexy time.”

You saw a need and filled it, which was smart and beneficial to so many. I remember when you talked about how you struggled with the newness of streaming the Venice Project and the steep learning curve you…

Me gusta

Thank you for ALL you do. I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday. ❤️🌲

Me gusta

Miembro desconocido
14 dic 2018

Wishing you, your family, and the entire Venice cast and crew a wonderful Holiday Season. May you all be blest with health, happiness, supportive relationships and

meaningful endeavors throughout 2019! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Me gusta
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