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Happy Holidays!

Perks under the tree awaiting flights to their new homes.

Hey Everyone!! I just wanted to wish you the happiest of Holidays including a smooth transition into the New Year! Its 2023 already! While my brain is having a hard time comprehending that, Im so grateful to be here and doing what I love. I appreciate every opportunity that you've given me. I hope you continue to find balance in your life...SelfLESSness and SelfFULLness are a great Team! Thanks to All of the Open Book Productions Workers who make it possible! Carole, Amanda and the Many Fans who help get the word out. Sending Positive Vibes and Love your way! Continued Joy and Success! Crystal


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1 Comment

Donna Bridges
Donna Bridges
Dec 24, 2022

🧑‍🎄🦌🎄🌟🔥❄️☃️🍪🥛🎁🎶🔔 Happy Holidays!

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