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Peace, Love & Venice

Monday, January 21, 2019

Sweet MLK Jr. Day!

What a beautiful honor to a Man who stood up and fought for the rights of others...who lived with love as his beacon!

I hope you all find Peace today.  Offer Love to others...and always fight for what's right!  Silence isn't an option.

NOW, Venice Season 6....

As my 15 Year Old sleeps until the early afternoon hours and my 18 year old is at work, I find the house Mostly quiet.  I love mornings for this. There's nothing like the feeling of being rested, coffee in hand and a clear mind to be present and enjoy the moment.   I've limited my work today because I've been going full steam and my steam plum tuckered itself out.    With a little yoga and meditation, I can get myself re-steamed. : )

One of the greatest gifts I've gotten from producing Venice the Series is the opportunity to learn and then execute all kinds of production jobs. I just had this conversation not long ago about how much I didn't know going into the Production world.  Ya don't know what ya don't know, right?  But having a passion for work, knowledge and community keeps me going!   Its was the fans, so many years ago, that gave me that bump that I needed to leap into this world of art/business and Im forever grateful for it!   Besides, I wonder sometimes if I HAD known what was involved in producing a digital series, if I would have taken it on!  I think so....

Its hard....Not that I expected easy  but...when you're shooting with a smaller budget, you wear many hats.  Thats why Im so grateful for all of the people who've come on board and taken a small salary OR simply volunteered.  Its because of every single person who has walked on to the Venice set that the show is where it is!  Thank you all!  I read a story recently about Drew Brees, the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints.  He broke the record for most passing yards.  He sent EVERY individual who contributed to his record a customized football with their name and contributions on it, along with a personal letter from him.  I think that's awesome!  And shows how valuable a Team Effort is....

Now, deets....

The story is coming along great!  Its fun, sexy, a little spooky and I really think you're going to enjoy it!  Im beyond thrilled to be going back to where Guiding Light had its last days of production and revisiting old haunts and dear friends.   I feel like Im gearing up for a family reunion!  Who's bringing the Ambrosia salad?   I can't be MORE thrilled!  About the event...ok, maybe the salad too.

We have booked one of two locations.  I plan to have the second locked soon.  Third location is exterior so we are good there.   The script is 2 episodes away from a complete season but an edit will happen.  Some flights have been booked.   Hotel found.  Some crew locked.  Most of the cast locked.  And I've begun scheduling which is always a tricky little sucker. : )))).  There are some cast conflicts but I think its doable. 

I'll continue to find East Coast crew.  I've got feelers out.  And of course, theres the ever loving budget.... I feel like Wonderland going up against the Dragon! lol  Sword in hand, I count the Six Impossible things I can do before Breakfast!  : )))  The budget is always changing and often with smaller budgets there isn't a LOT of contingency (in case Shit Goes Wrong Fund...and it does! LOL).  But I always plan on putting skin in the game.  With all of my productions, I've Happily added thousands to boost production value so I can give you the best show possible.  I think every producer should have skin in the game....You work harder and, thus, get a better result!

So, here are a few things I want to share.  On Feb 14th....What's that again?  Oh, right, Valentine's Day! Ill be offering another Match It Day!  Very every donation/perk purchased, I will match the purchase amount up to $4000.00!  We hit our initial $100K goal and have gotten to $121K pretty darn fast!! (Insert Prayer Hands!) but we need to get to $150K by start of Production.  Tell us if you'd like a certain perk or a variation of a perk and we will make it happen!  

We will be launching our CAST SIGNED Season 6 POSTER today!  We would love it if you would consider checking it out!!   Any little perk purchase makes the difference and it greatly appreciated, not only by us here at Open Book Productions, but every crew person and cast member that gets to work!  You're basically creating Jobs!  Well done!

So, now its time for Yoga.  Yoga reminds me to breathe....that is all starts from Breath.  

I hope you have a peaceful day!  No matter where you are or what you are doing, Be at Peace! 




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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jan 22, 2019

i think if there were more less expensive perks such as venice flip flops,beach towels,phone covers, pot holders etc even more money would have been raised.i would have loved a silver ring with love is love engraved on it .. why not ask the fans for idea' crystal ,love venice

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