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Well, here we are ... again!!

Season 6 is underway tomorrow and I can't believe it!   Who would have though all of those years ago....10 but who's counting...that this little Web Show would still be around?   I look back at the journey and cant believe whats happened.   Its hard to put into words.   An idea was had....   At the time, it certainly felt like a far fetched one to be sure.   What do you mean youre making a show for the internet?  I mean, a long form show....not just a video.   I mean, kind of like a soap but shorter....  What do you mean youre going to sell stuff in hope people would buy it so you could fund the project?  And the people would go online and pay for it because everyone knows that the internet offers free stuff.  For sure,  there were all kinds of cool stuff on the web!  I loved surfing it...(the only thing I surf).  So....Am I crazy?

But here we are!  And, yes, I live a little loco vida.....10 Years later and Venice has evolved into a fun journey both in front of and behind the lens.  Its created characters that will forever live in my heart and a fandom that will as well.  Yes, we decided to take a few liberties this season.   The Ladies, Gina and Ani, leave on their honeymoon for New Orleans but work duty calls and Ani has to get to the Big Apple Pronto!  Gina wants to be the best support system Ani's ever had and forgoes her precious Beignets to have Ani's back....and then her front....but whatever their play time looks like ; )) , they have a mystery to solve.  How do they manage marriage and their newly reversed roles in it AND whats behind door number'll see.   We brought production to NYC and New Jersey, invited some of my amazing Guiding Light Actors and others to play interesting fun characters and did it all in 9 days!  Thanks to all of the cast who showed up.  Thanks to the Amazing crew that made it all happen.  Im truly in AWE of all of you!

I hope you enjoy this season and know that I consider it an absolute privilege and gift to make this show for you.   : )))  You always show up and I cant thank you enough!!!

Now for Beacon Hill!!  On top of V fun, BH2 is shooting in just a few weeks!  Im really looking forward to getting back to "Claire" and her "hair".  Its a fun romp ....sadly I cant drink and act.  So, Ill be sipping tea and looking forward to my wine in the evenings with Hillary.  Im so excited to work with this amazing cast again too.  Its been a few years, eh?  Like 6 but who's counting....The script is amazing!  Its full of good ole fashioned and smart soapy goodness with loads of plot twists, smart dialogue and beautiful people kissing.   I doubt Ill be kissing anything but a whiskey glass.  But, intead,  Ill be fondling my bee hive.  Take that as you will....  Thanks so much for supporting this project!  I know its been a while but it means a great deal to me that you've shown up and supported.  If you're so inclined, we will be keeping our campaign open and adding new, fun stuff as we move forward!  On to New England in the Fall!

My amazing MEN are thriving!  Michaels continues to push our home project forward.  We are looking at the current, ahem...political landscape and making smart choices based on that.  We will play it as we see fit.   Meanwhile, he's busy building beautiful abodes for his clients.   Jake is knee deep in the Fire Academy.  Gets up everyday at 530 AM ready to go.  Amazed by his discipline and passion for what he loves to do!  Dylan is racking in A's like he inhales Oxygen.   He has an amazing discipline as well and has really found structure for himself with school and other activities.  So Incredibly smart!  Buck loves us and everyone else is just fodder for major barking LOL.  He's on a he's allowed to be...

Grumpy Buck.

All in All....Life is pretty frickin' awesome!  Behind on my meditations....Its like not working out for 2 weeks!  So,  I think that will be my next stop!

Peace and Love


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I can hardly wait. Crystal, yes you are an inspiration, but also a very talented actress. Love all the cast members especially you and Jessica.. Will the Grove continue too?


Thank you once again for all you and many others do to bring us Venice The Series. We so appreciate it. Much Love to you all.


Hi Crystal! Will there be a 2nd season of The Grove?


I can’t wait!!! All of the guiding light members that will be in this season it’s gonna be great.. your such an inspiration Crystal. I absolutely love you and Jessica 😘😍

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