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The single-use (without FS9) approach is however at the moment only available in Free FSX/SE. Standalone missions The original of the JAR missions are the seven map based missions called MARTA . The missions are available for Free FSX/SE, FS9, P3D and X-Plane. The first four missions are stand alone for the standard FS9 version. However a compatibility-patch for FS9 exists. The first MARTA mission is available in three different versions. There are a variety of weapons for the three missions. The weapons are mostly bombs and missiles, with the RWR mission only having an interceptor. The second version is MARTA-J . In addition to the map and the weapons the MPS includes a terrain map of the search area. The third version is MARTA-R . This version is very similar to the second version. The only difference is the terrain map. Reception The first version was released on September 23, 2006. References External links Pro-ATC/X official website Category:Commercial flight simulator products Category:Windows games Category:Windows-only games Category:2006 software Category:Air traffic control softwareSome fans may have been disappointed that the average size of King's Unveiling, a so-called "final boss" among the four bosses in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, was fairly small. That said, I'm happy to report that Capcom addressed this issue with a new trailer for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which shows a much bigger version of the upcoming boss. King's Unveiling can be described as the sixth of the four boss battles in the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate game. This boss monster has no title, just a group of words saying it's King's Unveiling. The trailer shows the on-rails camera in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The monster's mouth is actually the location where you'll be fighting it. The visual quality is actually amazing, since it's a real-time rendered video of what the camera sees from a first-person perspective. According to a source close to Capcom, King's Unveiling will be an optional fight in the game. The source adds that this will be the hardest encounter among the four main boss monsters, and you can skip it with one of the harder difficulties. In a recent interview, Capcom senior vice president




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