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Join date: Feb 27, 2018


I believe WE are ART in MOTION: meaningful, beautiful, and a *Divine Spark. I love exploring the world and meeting the beautiful souls of this planet who continue to inspire, spread love, kindness and laughter. I feel it is my duty to help care for this planet while she takes care of me--us. I honestly can state that I don't know if I love everyone; however, I can honestly state that I hate NO ONE( is that weird?). I know we cannot help everyone but if everyone helps someone one then we--society--would be better as a whole.

Things I love: mindfulness, open heart/ mind, authenticity, traveling, volunteering, photography, reading, research, brunches with friends, wit, humor, romantic movies, sci-fi movies, great drama, politics (any debates supported by facts & are respectful,) deep and meaningful conversations, purposeful actions, community, unity, sports--soccer, football, rugby, softball/ baseball, basketball, and tea. I love tea.


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