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A Venice the Series Season 7 Update!

Hello You Amazing People!

I hope this day has been kind to you.  By the way, this is how I open my emails to the cast and crew because, like you, they are all wonderfully kind and amazing. So, I want to give you an update on Season 7 of Venice the Series.  You've been extremely patient and we/I appreciate that.  YES, we are going to shoot this year in Los Angeles. It's the WHEN that keeps giving us pause.  I'm sure you know that the strikes (Writers/Actors) last year delayed....well, Everything!  But there were other repercussions, other than delayed production, that occurred.  A lot of "more affordable" studios, meaning the ones that a producer like me could actually afford (that has all sets I need), went under.  So, there are fewer options out there.  I have, however, found one that will work.

I was hoping to shoot in June, and still may be able to, but they recently told me that they are moving out of their current studio into a bigger one....some time in May.  They're unsure if they will still be in Burbank in June or in their new place in North Hollywood.  I'd shoot for production in May but an actress is on vacation...anyhoo....It WILL get done this summer, I'm just not exactly sure when.  At the very least, production will be completed by the end of summer and the show will be out in the Fall.  I'm determined to make that happen!!!  I'll keep ya posted.

The cast and crew are excited to get back to work!  Me included.  The script is locked (ready to shoot) and we are boning up on what needs to happen with new Union rules in place.  And, yes, the paperwork will be plenty but I'm too excited to  We are creating six 12 minutes episodes.  It's a little different but it works for new Emmy specs and I think will be completely satisfying.  Our cast of Ten are eager to get into the words on the page!

With that being said, we will create a new/additional crowdfunding campaign to help offset the rising costs in Hollywood. Believe me when I tell you that the entire industry is still struggling. And there's a new negotiation with IATSE (crew) coming this summer.  I'll be sure to offer you a sneak peak at my budget (blushes) when I have it pulled together.  I'm sure this is boring for a lot of you.  It's the sausage making of production!  Carole will keep you posted on the Campaign!

Finally, I want to thank you all for allowing me this opportunity to make Venice.  It's been a passion of mine for over a decade.  Wow...time flies, eh?  It's been a trying year for me and my family but we are healthy and hopeful and incredibly blessed.  Jake and Grace, Zoom Zoom Zeke and my Ember Bear are doing great.  Dylan is loving college! Michael and I are embarking on yet another small home project...Ill throw in MY last because...Oy!  But it's exciting and will be good for everybody.  I've been writing other projects that are inspiring to me.  So, all in all, life's good.

I hope you have beautiful energy around you! You deserve it.  

By the by, if you don't know, my TwitterX account was hacked a while back and I've gotten no help from X so...I'll still be on under @Crysabatino but I'll spend more time on Threads under @crystalchappell.  Also, more videos and posts will be happening on Insta, Facebook and, while it's here, Tik Tok. More blogs to come! And please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Peace and Love!




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I started watching this show back in 2011 when I was figuring myself out and getting ready to come out! I'm 31yo now and you have no idea how Venice The Series have had a huge impact in my life. I still watch and rewatch all the seasons as my comfort series hahaha Can't wait for season 7 :) Greetings from Manaus, Brazil!


Cee Em
Cee Em
Mar 20

I was introduced to your show by a friend who is a huge fan. We’re both in LA and would love to come out and see some of the filing when it begins…better yet, need any background fillers?😊


I’ll gladly wait a lifetime for Venice S7 if I must.

Your dedication and drive to never give up on the things you believe in is inspiring and I aspire to be more like you everyday. You have changed my entire outlook on life through the way I view others, and for that I’m eternally grateful

I will always love and support you Crystal! Continue to be the unique enigma that we all love and adore… flaws and all ♥️

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